Vitango, Campaign

Austroplant is the leading provider of high-quality herbal medicial products in Austria.

The brief was to generate awareness and sales for Vitango, a herbal product which not only helps beat stress but provides energy and focus. People who suffer from stress often feel like they are bound by dark forces and not in control of their lives. Our creative solution communicates that people can take back control and cut the strings of stress before burnout. We show the moment of “self liberation” which communicates that Vitango is the best solution against stress.

The campaigns roll out included a targeted print and social media campaign, consisting of advertisements in trade and consumer magazines, film and pharmacy POS.

Concept • Graphic design • Layout • Artwork • Print management

viewien, Discover Architecture

To spread the exhibition virally, we created these VIEWIEN glasses connected to the flyer and invitation. We encouraged people to take a selfie and post the image on social media enabling them to win some architecture books in the process.

Concept • Graphic design • Photography • Retouch • Artwork • Print management

Austria Juice

When Ybbstaler Fruit Austria Gmbh and Agrana Juice Holding GmbH successfully merged in 2012 to create Austria Juice, we were lucky enough to be part of its brand journey and growth. Our strategy is to develop a straightforward approach that promotes multiple messages, whilst retaining a single look and feel that differentiates Austria Juice from its competitors.

Concept • Graphic design • Illustration • Retouch • Artwork • Print management

Vamed Vitality World

Our brief was to promote Vamed Vitality World’s exclusive premium gift cards, and create a powerful draw both emotionally and aspirationally. So we used the Swarovski crystals encrusted in the cards as the unique selling point.

Concept • Graphic design • Layout • Photography • Art direction • Retouch • ArtworkPrint management


We were asked to create a game between presenter and audience that would brighten up Dyson’s sales events. And what’s more fun than a good old game of Bingo? But we did Bingo with a twist. By sucking up the balls with the new Dyson vacuum cleaner, we not only delivered a good product demonstration, but a big laugh as the balls bounce around inside the machine then get blown back out again. BINGO!

Concept • Graphic design • Retouch Artwork • Print management


With new products launched at incredible speed, Nikon need us to act quickly and effectively to produce POS that catches customers’ imagination, and keeps them as a market leader in Austria.

Ich bin für alles bereit (I am ready for everything)

Want a camera that you can manhandle, but still not sure what distructive lengths you can go to and still not damage it? These funny warning signs made great window stickers to attract customers who like to live dangerously.

Concept • Graphic design • Illustration • Retouch • Artwork • Print management

To support their Christmas online game, we created striking POS.

Display concpet • Graphic design • Illustration • Retouch • Artwork

With holiday season the time when most amateur photographers think about purchasing a professional DSLR camera, Nikon wanted to be the number one choice. So we helped them launch a Cashback campaign, using an eye-catching image to capture the idea of taking a Nikon with you everywhere on holiday – and seamlessly mixing humour with the targeted sell of a Cashback offer.

Concept • Graphic design • Layout • Photography • Art direction • Retouch • Artwork

Nikon’s festival promotions are something to be experienced, and certainly shared. We created this photo pocket with Facebook graphics to hold the photos taken in the Nikon festival tent, instantly advertising the social media network Nikon operates on, and encouraging people to share.

Concept • Graphic design • Retouch • Artwork • Print management

Immofinanz Retail Day

Immofinanz Group’s annual Retail Day brings together of some of the biggest names in the real estate business. To promote the event’s main theme of letting guests operate these heavy duty machines, we wanted to reflect a famous Caterpillar truck manufacturer in the logo.

Concept • Graphic design Artwork

INiTS Startup Camp

Our concept took the universally recognised symbol for ideas (the lightbulb) and filled it with relevant content from the three target areas. Then, to demonstrate the extra power INiTS offers Startups… we exploded it.

Concept • Graphic design • Artwork • Print management

New Design University

‘Normal is dangerous’ is the claim of this university. We created an dangerously normal information leaflet that folds down to a handy pocket size.

Graphic design • Layout concept • Retouch • Artwork • Print management

Mei liabste Weiß

Mei Liabste Weiß (My Darling White) is the creation of a master brewer on the outskirts of Vienna who has plenty of talent for making beer, but needed help branding and marketing his star product. We positioned Mei Liabste Weiß as a delicious limited edition white beer, and focused its marketing on beer sommeliers and collectors. With engaging, humorous content, an innovative image world and special 3D label editions, our client was able to sell the beer at a premium price-point – while increasing awareness of his other products at the same time.

Concept • Naming • Graphic design • Layout • Photography • Art direction • Retouch • Artwork

Winzerhof Gartler

The Gartler family have been growing wine since 1869, and we created wine labels for them which kept a traditional design that was true to their values and heritage.

Concept • Naming • Graphic design • Layout • Photography • Art direction • Retouch • Artwork


How does an advertising agency advertise themselves? Well, you try to do it in ways that are integrated, differentiated and emotionally engaging. And of course, a little bit different.

Concept • Graphic design • Layout • Illustration • Photography • Art direction • Retouch • ArtworkPrint management