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The BUWOG Group is a real estate company with a portfolio of around 51.000 apartments in Austria and Germany.

The concept behind our eye-catching campaign is ‘Home is not a place but a feeling!’ Normally people and furniture fill an apartment but we asked the question ‘What would a home filled with BUWOG look like?’ Caring, fun, sympathetic, energetic, dynamic ... as a visual metaphor for these feelings we used orange balls to symbolise the qualities.




orange balls


big idea

Trade fair Advertising

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One of the most personal forms of customer contact is at a trade fair. We’ve created various print and online campaigns to grab attention and drive people to the BUWOG stand.


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Every property is as original as the people who move into it. We use our expertise in customer analysis, city planning and market research to create unique marketing experiences that attracts the right customers to the right properties. We have the knowledge to make buildings famous.


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Our brief was to create an umbrella brand and all marketing materials for three of BUWOG’s most prestigious projects. With the buildings sitting on the shore of a lake, we took the inspiration from the fact you can see the water from every apartment and created the name SEESEE (‘see’ meaning lake in German, ‘see’ meaning ‘sight’ in English).


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We took inspiration from the history of the nearby water tower to name this residential housing development. We created various marketing materials to emotionalise the benefits for this unique project in the Biotope City Wienerberg.


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HELIO TOWER is the ultimate embodiment of high rise urban living. A purpose built tower for people of any age who want to be close to the city and nature. The tower naming attributes the Greek god of sun due, inspired by the architectures reflective glass panels bright light apartment rooms and balconies. The branding captures the sunlight with a lens flare brand mark and the reverse number ‘3’ in the name replaces the letter ‘E’ to symbolize the towers' location in the popular 3rd district.