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Business Park Vienna is a building complex located in the tenth district of Vienna. We spent five years successfully promoting the building as one of the best business locations in the city with a lively gastronomy, state-of-the-art cinema and shopping center.

To attract international companies to the location we created a testimonial campaign using well-known CEOs already in the towers to highlight its suitability for global businesses. The campaign increased inquires by 43% resulting in four global brands moving into the building in the first two months of the campaign.




square metres office space


increase in inquires

We created events to attract a larger frequency of visitors to the gastronomy and shopping area. One of our biggest successes was adding Business Park Vienna to the Towerrunning World Association race circuit. Using TV star Armin Assinger and world ski champion Alexandra Meissnitzer as presenters, we turned the race into an exciting live event broadcasted on national radio.