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Kibb Immobilien is one of Vienna’s largest residential property developers. We’ve been helping Kibb define their brand and create meaningful identities for their projects since 2017. 

LEYWAND is one of the most colourful and expressive property marketing campaigns ever to grace a city. With its outstanding name creation and lovingly hand crafted paper elements, it gives the marketing material a personal touch that perfectly reflects the unique selling points of the residential tower; close to nature, young hipster vibe and architecture tailor-made for comfortable urban green living.

The tower name is a creation of two words, the street name ‘Leystrasse' and the Viennese slang word for awesome ‘Leiwand’.

Using a mix of Viennese slang and colourful branding we created postcards that everyone wants to take home.

Our films speak directly to the viewer about the requirements of looking for the perfect apartment in the city. We use everyday people talking to the camera about their needs and animate each benefit to fulfil their wishes. In a few seconds we communicate everything you need to know about the project in a charming and engaging way.



The brand name ‘Urbahn' is a word creation for various living spaces in the Nordbahnviertel, Vienna. The name combines the location with the areas urban, central location feel. We created the name, logo and marketing material for this exciting inner-city development.


Our new logo for KIBB Immobilien captures the personal and authentic approach they guarantee their customers. The logos curved edges and its characteristic green dot help it stand out in a crowded market place.