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Meda is a global pharmaceutical company committed to setting new standards in healthcare. Meda’s pharmaceuticals are sold in more than 150 countries to over 7 billion people.


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Magnofit Energizer is an energy stick that invigorates body and mind to fight against the wave of tiredness that most people feel during the day. We took the wave metaphor and created a life-size wave of tiredness made entirely of office materials. Our heroine starts the spot as the victim of the wave, but thanks to Magnofit Energizer, takes control of her tiredness and rides the wave to success.


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CB12 is a mouthwash brand that neutralises bad breath, instead of hiding it. Bad breath is a big taboo in our society and yet everyone has experienced a situation in which they were confronted with it. But how do you deal with it? How should one behave? We raised these questions in our 12 hour social experiment.

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Meet Baucherl! He’s not your normal brand character as he’s simply a happy-go-lucky stomach. We created this adorable character to communicate the effective relief for stomach and intestine complaints. GastroMed is a multi-action drug containing medicinal plant extracts that work together throughout the gastrointestinal area.