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Vienna is a metropolis with unique charm, vibrancy and flair. It boasts outstanding infrastructure, is clean and safe, and has all the inspiration you could wish for in a major captial.


Martin Schipany, Head of Department Press and information service


Digital // Film // Print

The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy is a long-term vision for the future, outlining perspectives up to the year 2050. We created two very different brochures to communicate the same challenges. One brochure was produced as a hard back with 14 smart but simple illustrations to easily show the ways that Vienna is preparing for the future. The other a larger report capable of communicating detailed facts and figures with engaging information graphics.


Branding // Digital // Print // Promotional

We launched a new department of the City of Vienna with this strong and flexible logo. Using the map of Vienna and the merger of three departments as inspiration, we created a brand mark layered with meaning.


Advertising // Digital

Using creative ideas and visual storytelling, we’ve made numorous campaigns for various departments of the city. Working with illustration to simplify complex and abstract concepts and original photography to tell unique stories in a cohesive and enduring manner, we helped make Vienna communicate like one of the best cities in the world.


Branding // Digital

We created the social media guidelines to govern the composition, design, and general look-and-feel of all posts from the City of Vienna.


Advertising // Branding // Print

We were asked to create visuals and a brand tonality for the department of Economy, Labor and Statistics. Our solution was to connect numbers with people and create a series of graphic and fun illustrations to communicate the human side of city statistics.

MA23 Reporting

Print // Digital

The city asked us to create a brochure that pin-points Vienna as a prime location for smart businesses and institutions. By reducing complex graphics into simple visuals and transforming text heavy spreads into clean layouts we achieved the goal of making Vienna a truly innovative city.


Branding // Digital // Print // Promotional

The Vienna Planning Workshop is an exhibition space funded by the City of Vienna. Its purpose is to showcase the latest city planning and urban development projects to the general public. Our brief was to conceptualise and design an exhibition space promoting five Viennese architecture initiatives. This included creating an advertising concept that could ignite the interest of people to visit the exhibition.

Our solution was to visually connect Vienna’s architecture and its inhabitants to illustrate that our surroundings have a subconscious effect on all of us. To highlight the five initiatives we created a colour system that runs through the exhibition concept.